About SNAC

The Allan and Maria Myers Academic Centre, opened in 2004, was designed by the award-winning architect team of Peter Corrigan and Maggie Edmond. It is a joint facility shared by Newman College and St Mary's College and is situated mid-way between the two colleges.

The building draws upon and complements Burley Griffin's original design for Newman College, and is an expression of hope and confidence in the future. 

The Academic Centre features

  • Ten tutorial rooms;
  • Four music practice rooms, three with pianos;
  • Extensive information technology facilities including an IT lab, wireless internet and data projectors in all tutorial rooms;
  • An impressive library which holds more than 50,000 volumes (made up of the collections of Newman College and St Mary's College); specialist collections (the Gerry Higgins Irish Library, the Allan Myers Law Library, the Maria Jens Australiana Collection, Manuscript Studies and Rare Books);
  • Student lounge;
  • Two student kitchens.

The facility is open 24 hours a day to students of the College.

The library stocks most of the textbooks that students need for undergraduate courses and we are continually purchasing new books to meet student needs and requests.

The library offers research assistance and also has specialized equipment such as stethoscopes, a full skeleton, chemistry modelling kits and blood pressure cuffs which students may borrow.

Games, recreational reading, newspapers, puzzles, DVD’s and magazines are provided to help students relax from study.