O'Donnell Fellowship in Irish studies.

Applications close Monday 29 July 2019 for a residential fellowship in Irish studies, available January / February 2020.

Please see details here about the fellowship and how to apply.

Previous fellowship visitors and research areas.

2019: Regina Ui Chollatain (UDC); Irish language Media and Revival in a global context.

2018: Dr Barry McCarron (New York University); The Global irish and Chinese: Migration, Exclusion, and Foreign Relations Among Empires, 1784-1904.

2017: John Cunningham (NUI Galway); Writing the life story of Tom Glynn (1881 - 1934): syndicalist, labour journalist and anti-war campaigner.

2016: Aileen Dillane (University of Limerick); Cecilia Curtin as Irish Australian entertainer, vocal pedagogue, and Catholic chorister, Melbourne c. 1906?- (Performances, Texts, Contexts).

2015: Larry Geary (UCC); the medical career of Nicholas O’Donnell.

2014: Miriam O’Donovan (PhD candidate, UCC); Irish language song texts.

2013: Tadhg Foley (NUI Galway); the life of William Hearn.

July 2012: Carla King (St Patrick's Drumcondra, Dublin); a biography of the later life of Michael Davitt including Davitt’s 1895 tour of Australia.

2012: Nicholas Wolf (New York University); the written Irish of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

2011: Niall O Ciosain (NUI Galway); the print cultures of the four Celtic languages – Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton – in the period 1700-1900.

2010: Kevin Molloy (State Library of Victoria); Nicholas O’Donnell’s book collection in comparison with that of Edward Hayes.

2010: Jonathan O’Neill (PhD Candidate, ANU); contemporary re-identification with the Irish language.