Computers and Devices

Use a computer

There are nine lab computers located on Level 2 of the Academic Centre that provide basic Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat software.

The computers are shared between all students so please do not leave confidential information or stay logged into any online services.

Keep my computer or device secure

Install good quality security software

If you are using a Windows computer or an Android device please make sure you install and keep up to date a good quality security product.

The AV Comparatives site provides independent reviews of the latest security software products.

Software reviews

Keep your software up to date

When a vendor issues a software update please make sure you install it as soon as possible.

Backup my data

You must take responsibility for backing up your essential data and documents.

The local Universities provide either one of Microsoft's Office 365 or Google's GSuite. Both of these services provide you with at least 1TB of FREE storage so use that as your first place to back up.

Other methods are USB stick, USB hard drives, iCloud, DropBox, Box, etc.

Connect my gaming device

Request approval from your College to connect your gaming device to their network.

Installation of gaming devices (such as PS4, XBox, Switch, etc) are at the discretion of the college head or their representative. You must obtain approval from them to install one of these devices by emailing the following to them:

I would like approval to connect my gaming device to the network.
My room number is: 
The MAC address is: 
The type of device I'd like to connect is: 

If approval is granted the room port will be enabled and you will receive a notification when this is done. Please make sure the device is plugged into the network prior to submitting your request.

Third-party wireless access points or routers are NOT allowed on the network under any circumstances. If you are having trouble with wireless coverage at your residence please contact one of your IT Reps.

Streaming and "Assistant" devices (such as Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast, Google Home) are not supported on the network and cannot be connected to the network.