New books at SNAC September 2020

New titles at SNAC


Why visit America by Matthew Baker (F BAK)

No presents please : Mumbai stories by Jayanta Kaykini (F KAY)

Flyaway by Kathleen Jennings (F JEN)

Kokomo by Victoria Hannan (F HAN)

The question of love : variations on a theme by Hugh Mackay (F MAC)

Sisters by Daisy Johnson (F JOH)

Glad shout by Alice Robinson (F ROB)

The Labyrinth : a pastoral by Amanda Lohrey (F LOH)


Making sense by Sam Harris (306 HAR)

Into the suburbs : a migrant's story by Christopher Raja (304.894 RAJ)

Paul Kelly : the man, the music and the life in between by Stuart Coupe (781.66092 KEL.C)

The case of George Pell : reckoning with child sexual abuse by clergy by Melissa Davey (261.83272 PEL.D)

Intimations : six essays by Zadie Smith (824.914 SMI)

The happiest man on earth by Eddie Jaku (940.5318092 JAK)

A concise history of Australia by Stuart Macintyre (994 MAC)

The ratline : love, lies and justice on the trail of a Nazi fugative by Philippe Sands (943.86054092 SAN)

Fallout : the Hiroshima cover-up and the reporter who revealed it to the world by by Lesley Blume (940.542521954 HIR.B)

The future of us : demography gets a makeover by Liz Allen (304.60994 ALL)

Italian life : a modern fable of loyalty and betrayal by Tim Parks (945.093092 PAR)

Body count : how climate change is killing us by Paddy Manning (363.73874 MAN)

Bad news : why we fall for fake news by Rob Brotherton (070.1019 BRO)

The inner self : the joy of discovering who we really are by Hugh Mackay (158.1 MAC)

Deaths of despair and the future of capitalism by Anne Case (362.28 CAS)

How innovation works : serendipity, energy and the saving of time by Matt Ridley (338.064 RID)