New books for April 2021


Love objects by Emily Maguire (F MAG)

Klara and the sun by Kazuo Ishiguro (F ISH)

Revenge: murder in three parts by S L Lim (F LIM)

Stone sky gold mountain by Mirandi Riwoe (F RIW)

The death of Francis Bacon by Max Porter (F POR)

Light perpetual by Francis Spufford (F SPU)

Hold your fire (short stories) by Chloe Wilson (F WIL)

Double blind by Edward St Aubyn (F STA)

Ash mountain by Helen Fitzgerald by (F FIT)

A room called Earth by Madeleine Ryan (F RYA)

Tipping by Anna George (F GEO)

The performance by Claire Thomas (F THO)

The long, long afternoon by Inga Vesper (F VES)

While Paris slept by Ruth Druart (F DRU)

Old seems to be other people by Lily Brett (F BRE)

This is how by M.J. Hyland (F HYL)

Tussaud by Brenda Lyons-Lee (F LYO)

The truth about her by Jacqueline Maley (F MAL)

How beautiful we were by Imbolo Mbue (F MBU)

The Paris wife by Paula McLain (F MCL)

The French gift by Kirsty Manning (F MAN)

Smokehouse by Melissa Manning (F MAN)

Invisible ink: a novel by Patrick Modiano (F MOD)

On the line: notes from a factory by Joseph Ponthus (F PON)

The death of Francis Bacon by Max Porter (F POR)

Light perpetual by Francis Spufford (F SPU)

Asylum Road by Olivia Sudjic (F SUD)

The performance by Claire Thomas (F THO)

The last bookshop by Emma Young (F YOU)


With the falling of the dusk by Stan Grant (909 GRA)

Dropbear by Evelyn Araleun (821.92 ARA)

The fourfold remedy: Epicurus and the art of happiness by John Sellars (152.42 EPI.S)

Justice: what's the right thing to do by Michael J. Sandel (172.2 SAN)

Fathoms: the world in the whale by Rebecca Giggs (599.5 GIG)

My year of living vulnerably by Rick Morton (070.92 MOR)

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi (853.8 COL)

Oliver Sacks : his own life by Oliver Sacks (DVD SAC)

The two Popes: Francis, Benedict and the decision that shook the world by Anthony McCarten (282.092 BEN.MCC)

Value(s): building a better world for all by Mark Carney (303.372 CAR)

Amnesia road: landscape, violence and memory by Luke Stegemann (946.081 STE)

Four lost cities: a secret history of the urban age by Annalee Newitz (930.1 NEW)

Return to Uluru by Mark McKenna (305.89915 MCK)

We see it all: liberty and justice in an age of perpetual surveillance by Jon Fasman (323.4482 FAS)

The believer: encounters with love, death & faith by Sarah Krasnostein (121.68 KRA)

The care factor: a story of nursing and connection in the time of social distancing by Ailsa Wild (616.028092 WIL)

The Rome plague diaries: lockdown life in the Eternal City by Matthew Kneale (614.460945 KNE)

The soul of a woman by Isabel Allende (305.42 ALL)

Flames of extinction: the race to save Australia's threatened wildlife by John Pickrell (577.24 PIC)

Asylum road by Olivia Sudjic (813.6 SUD)

Into the loneliness: the unholy alliance of Ernestine Hill and Daisy Bates by Eleanor Hogan (A828.3 BAT.H)

The code breaker: Jennifer Doudna, gene editing and the future of the human race by Walter Isaacson (576.5 DOU.I)

Emotional female by Yumiko Kadota (617.0592 KAD)

Beyond climate grief: a journey of love, snow, fire and the enchanted beer can by Jonica Newby (363.7 NEW)

The Auschwitz photographer: based on the true story of Wilhelm Brasse prisoner 3444 by Luca Crippa (940.5318 BRA.C)

The spymaster of Baghdad: the untold story of the Elite Intelligence Cell that turned the tide against ISIS by Margaret Coker (956.7044 COK)

Hooked: how processed food became addictive by Michael Moss (613.2 MOS)

In the land of the cyclops: essays by Karl Ove Knausgard (839.82474 KNA)

Reading the seasons: books holding life and friendships together by Germaine Leece (028.8 LEE)