New books for August-September 2023


But the girl by Jessica Zhan Mei Yu (F ZHA)

What you are looking for is in the library by Michiko Aoyama (F AOY)

The hummingbird effect by Kate Mildenhall (F MIL)

Firelight by John Morrissey (F MOR)

Babel: an arcane history by R.F. Kuang (F KUA)


Murnane by Emmett Stinson (A823.3 STI)

Consumed: the need for collective change by Aja Barber (306.3 BAR)

Restless Dolly Mauder by Kate Grenville (A823.4 GRE)

Windfall: unlocking a fossil free-future by Ketan Joshi (333.7940994 JOS)

Together we can: everyday Australians doing amazing things to give our planet a future (363.735  ORO)

Girls don't play sport: the game-changing, defiant rise of women's sport, and why it matters by Chloe Dalton (796.082 DAL)

Trump's Australia: how Trumpism changed Australia by Bruce Wolpe (320.994 WOL)

The racial politics of Australian multiculturalism by Ghassan Hage (305.800994 HAG)

Powering up: unleashing the clean energy supply chain by Alan Finkel (333.794 FIN)

Russia's war against Ukraine: the whole story by Mark Edele (947.7086 EDE)

Why politics fails by Ben Ansell (321.8 ANS)

Everyday Utopia: in praise of radical alternatives to the traditional family home by Kristen Ghodsee (335.02 GHO)

Sisters in captivity by Colin Burgess (940.547252 BUR)

The shrinking nation: how we got here and what can be done about it by Graeme Turner (306.20994 TUR)

Heat: life and death on a scorched planet by Jeff Goodell (363.73874 GOO)