New books for July-August 2021


Midnight's children by Salman Rushdie (F RUS)

Still life by Sarah Winman (F WIN)

Roughing it by Mark Twain (813.4 TWA)

The beautiful and damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald (813.52 FIT)

Rabbit, run by John Updike (813.54 UPD)

Cat on a hot tin roof by Tennessee Williams (812.54 WIL)

The shut ins by Katherine Brabon (F BRA)

No one is talking about this by Patricia Lockwood (F LOC)

Unsettled ground Claire Fuller (F FUL)

The Bell Jar 50th anniversary edn. by Sylvia Path (813.54 PLA)

At night all blood is black by David Diop (F DIO)

She is haunted by Paige Clark (F CLA)

The other side of beautiful by Kim Lock (F LOC)

Songbirds by Christy Lefteri (F LEF)

Medusa's ankles: selected stories by A.S. Byatt (F BYA)

The rabbits by Sophie Overett (F OVE)

The others by Mark Brandi (F BRA)

Mother wound by Amani Haydar (F HAY)

After story by Larissa Behrendt (F BEH)

Bombay prince: the perveen mistry by Sujata Massey (F MAS)

Great circle by Maggie Shipstead (F SHI)


Pandemic Inc: 8 trends driving business growth and success in the new economy by Patrick Schwerdtfeger (658.022 SCH)

Building a storybrand: clarify your message so customers will listen by Donald Miller (658.827 MIL)

The hidden psychology of social networks: how brands create authentic engagement by understanding what motivates us by Joe Federer (302.30285 FED)

This is marketing by Seth Godin (658.8 GOD)

Trust me, I'm lying: confessions of a media manipulator by Ryan Holiday (659.20285 HOL)

Contagious: how to build word of mouth in the digital age by Jonah Berger (659.133 BER)

Copernican revolution: planetary astronomy in the development of western thought by Thomas Kuhn (523.2 KUH)

Pastels and pedophiles: inside the mind of QAnon by Mia Bloom (001.9 BLO)

The storm is upon us: how QAnon became a movement, cult, and conspiracy theory of everything by Mike Rothschild (001.9 ROT)

Persuasion: the hidden forces that influence negotiations by Jasper Kim (153.852 KIM)

Making good wine by B.C. Rankine (663.2 RAN)

The world atlas of wine by Hugh Johnson (641.22 JOH)

The Oxford companion to wine by Denis Dubourdieu (641.22 OXF)

Birdsong in a time of silence by Steven Lovatt (598.15940941 LOV)

The wretched of the earth by Frantz Fanon (325.344 FAN)

Brain reset: break the cycle of anxiety, depression, stress and addiction and restore mental calm and stability by David Gillespie (616.8522 GIL)

Things are against us by Lucy Ellmann (824.914 ELL)

Lev's violin: an Italian adventure by Helena Attlee (787.20945 ATT)

12 bytes: how we got here, where we might go next by Jeanette Winterson (006.3 WIN)

Escape from Manus: the untold true story by Jaivet Ealom (325.210994 EAL)

Trivial grievances: on the contradictions, myths and misery of your 30s by Bridie Jabour (305.2420994 JAB)

Believers: making life at the end of the world by Lisa Wells (814.6 WEL)

Too migrant, too Muslim, too loud: a memoir by Mehreen Faruqi (324.2092 FAR)

Where we swim by Ingrid Horrocks (797.21 HOR)

The brilliant boy: Doc Evatt and the Great Australian dissent by Gideon Haigh (324.29407 EVA.H)

The leading edge: dream big, spark change and become the leader the world needs you to be by Holly Ransom (303.34 RAN)

True tracks: respecting Indigenous knowledge and culture by Terri Janke (305.89915)

Setting boundaries by Rebecca Ray (158.1 RAY)

The plague year: America in the time of COVID by Lawrence Wright (362.1962414 WRI)

Everything you need to know about the Uluru statement from the heart by Megan Davis (323.119915 DAV)

The truth about China: propaganda, patriotism and the search for answers by Bill Birtles (327.5 BIR)

The republic of false truths by Ala Aswany (892.737 ASW)

The ghost in the garden: in search of Darwin's lost garden by Jude Piesse (576.82092 DAR.P)