New books for May 2021


Before you knew my name by Jacqueline Bublitz (F BUB)

Unsheltered by Clare Moleta (F MOL)

Gunk baby by Jamie Marina Lau (F LAU)

Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray by Anita Heiss (F HEI)

Flock: First Nations stories then and now by Ellen van Neerven (A823.4 NEE)

How to kidnap the rich by Rahul Raina (F RAI)

The beautiful fall by Hugh Breakey (F BRE)

Second place by Rachel Cusk (F CUS)

The girl remains by Katherine Firkin (F FIR)

Great circle by Maggie Shipstead (F SHI)

The lady with the gun asks the questions by Kerry Greenwood ( F GRE)

Higher ground by Anke Stelling (F STE)

The summer without men by Siri Hustvedt (F HUS)

Cat among the pigeons by Agatha Christie (F CHR)

The last station: A novel of Tolstoy's final year by Jay Parini (F PAR)


Observations on the Pell proceedings by Frank Brennan (282.092 PEL.B)

Muslim problem: why we're wrong about Islam and why it matters by Tawseef Khan (297 KHA)

Black and blue: a memoir of racism and resilience by Veronica Gorrie (305.89915 GOR)

The shape of sound: a memoir by Fiona Murphy (305.9082 MUR)

Sex, lies and question time by Kate Ellis (328.94 ELL)

Investing with Keynes by Justyn Walsh (332.6 KEY.W)

On violence and violence against women by Jacqueline Rose (362.88082 ROS)

Car crash: a memoir by Lech Blaine (363.125 BLA)

Under a white sky: the nature of the future by Elizabeth Kolbert (363.738746 KOL)

The study skills handbook by Stella Cottrell (378.170281 COT)

Failures of state: the inside story of Britain's battle with coronavirus by Jonathan Calvert (616.2414 CAL)

After the Australian ugliness by Naomi Et Al Stead (720.994 STE)

The world atlas of street art and graffiti by Rafael Schacter (751.7309 SCH)

The double life of Bob Dylan by Clinton Heylin (780.92 DYL.H)

The hard crowd: 2000-2020 by Rachel Kushner (814.6 KUS)

First person singular: stories by Haruki Murakami (895.635 MUR)

Lonely Planet's beautiful world (910.222 LON)

White Russians, red peril: a cold war history of migration to Australia (994.0049171 FIT)

Radicals: remembering the sixties by Nadia Burgmann (994.04 BUR)

Why we are restless: On the modern quest for contentment by Benjamin Storey (170.44 STO)

Sorry and beyond: Healing the stolen generations by Brian Butler (305.89915 BUT)

Bad people and how to be rid of them: A Plan B for human rights by Geoffrey Robertson (341.48 ROB)

A matter of death and life by Irvin Yalom (616.890092 YAL)

Toxic: the rotting underbelly of the Tasmanian salmon industry by Richard Flanagan (639.375609946 FLA)

Friends & rivals: Four great Australian writers by Brenda Niall (A820.99287 NIA)

Gender politics: Navigating political leadership in Australia by Zareh Ghazarian (328.940092 GHA)

The kindness revolution: How we can restore hope, rebuild trust and inspire optimism by Hugh Mackay (306.0994 MAC)

The shortest history of China by Linda Jaivin (951 JAI)

Smuggled: A history of illegal journeys to Australia by Ruth Balint (364.1372 BAL)

Frontiers of knowledge: What we know about science, history and the mind and how we know it by A.C. Grayling (121 GRA)

Empire of pain: The secret history of the Sackler dynasty by Patrick Radden Keefe (338.476151 SAC.K)

Full circle: Power, hope and the return of nature by Scott Ludlam (363.738 LUD)

Some achieve greatness: Lessons on leadership and character from Shakespeare and one of his greatest admirers by John Bell (158.4 BEL)

The Florentines: From Dante to Galileo by Paul Strathern (945.5110902 STR)

Stranger care: A memoir of loving what isn't ours by Sarah Sentilles (362.734092273 SEN)

Fury by Kathryn Heyman (362.883 HEY)

The last correspondent: Dispatches from the frontline of Xi's new China by Michael Smith (951.06 SMI)

As beautiful as any other by Kaya Wilson (306.768 WIL)

Stan Grant on Thomas Keneally by Stan Grant (A823.3 KEN.G)

Debesa: The story of Frank and Katie Rodriguez by Cindy Solonec (994.14092 ROS.S)

Inga Clendinnen: Selected writings by James Boyce (A824.3 CLE)

The chief witness: Escape from China's modern-day concentration camps by Sayragul Sauytbay (305.894345051 SAU)