New titles at SNAC for March 2020


The sunken road by Gary Disher (F DIS)

The better liar by Tanen Jones (F  JON)

The hungry and the fat by Timur Vermes (F VER)

The bass rock by Evie Wyld (F WYL)

A couple of things before the end : stories by Sean O'Beirne (A 823.4 OBE)


Unfinished business : notes of a chronic re-reader by Vivian Gornick (070.92 GOR)

World without work : technology, automation and how we should respond by Daniel Susskind (303.4834 SUS)

How to argue with a racist : history, science, race and reality by Adam Rutherford (305.8 RUT)

Ten doors down : the story of an extraordinary adoption reunion by Robert Tickner (306.8740994 TIC)

Uncanny valley : a memoir by Anna Wiener (338.47609 WIE)

In the dream house by Carmen Maria Machado (362.829 MAC)

Fire county : how Indigenous fire management could help save Australia by Victor Steffensen (363.3790994 STE)

Long live Latin : the pleasures of a useless language by Nicola Gardini (470 GAR)

The medicine : a doctor's notes by Karen Hitchcock (610 HIT)

The neurogeneration : the new era in brain enhancement that is revolutionizing the way we think, work and lead by Tan Le (681.761 LE)

Bob Dylan : the story behind every track, all the songs by Phillipe Margotin (782.42164092 DYL.M)

Parisian lives : Samuel Beckett, Simone de Beauvoir and me : a memoir by Deirdre Bair (818.5403 BAI)

The plague by Albert Camus (843.912 CAM)

A long petal of the sea by Isabel Allende (863.64 ALL)