New titles for June-July 2022


Sixty-seven days by Yvonne Weldon (F WEL)

Women I know by Katerina Gibson (F GIB)

Watersong by Clarissa Goenawan (F GOE)

Tomb of sand by Geetanjali Shree (F GIT)

An ordinary ecstasy by Luke Carman (F CAR)

A remarkable woman by Jules Van Mil (F VAN)

The diplomat by Chris Womersley (F WOM)

Telltale by Carmel Bird (F BIR)

Denizen by James Watson (F WAT)


We come with this place by Debra Dank (305.89915 DAN)

Grimmish by Michael Winkler (796.83092 WIN)

Fix the system, not the women by Laura Bates (305.420941 BAT)

Liberalism and its discontents by Francis Fukuyama (320.51 FUK)

Reality: virtual worlds and the problems of philosophy by David J. Chalmers (111 CHA)

Nine paths: a year in the life of an Indian village by Lexi Stadlen (305.4095414 STA)

Sacred nature: the recovery of integrity by Karen Armstrong (202.12 ARM)

The making and unmaking of East-West link by James C. Murphy (625.70994 MUR)

The digital republic: a treatise of freedom and democracy in the digital age by James Susskind (320.9045 SUS)

The registrar by Neela Janakiramanan (F JAN)

Liberalism and it's discontents by Francis Fukuyama (320.51 FUK)

Advancing human rights by Michael Mintrom (341.48 MIN)

Marrul: Aboriginal identity & the fight for rights by Inala Cooper (305.89915 COO)

On the grid: Australian electricity in transition by Guillaume Roger (338.20 ROG)

The patient doctor: how one man's cancer diagnosis led to a quest to put the heart back into healthcare by Dr Ben Bravery (610.92 BRA)

The Queen by Andrew Morton (941.085092 ELI.M)

Future stories: A user's guide to the future by David Christian (303.49 CHR)

Ulysses: The Cambridge centenary by Catherine Flynn (823.912 JOY)

The nineties: a book by Chuck Klosterman (306.0973 KLO)

Gardens of the world: a celebration of the world's most amazing gardens (712.0222 DYK)