New titles for March 2022


Wild things by Brigid Delaney (F DEL)

Mother's boy by Patrick Gale (F GAL)

Careering by Daisy Buchanan (F BUC)

Hovering by Rhett Davis (F DAV)

Goodnight, Vivienne, goodnight by Steven Carroll (F CAR)

Loveland by Robert Lukins (F LUK)

Son of sin by Omar Sakr (F SAK)

Booth by Karen Joy Fowler (FOW)

A great hope by Jessica Stanley (F STA)

When we fall by Aoife Clifford (F CLI)

Continuous creation: last poems by Les Murray (A 821.3 MUR)

Vladimir by Julia May Jonas (F JON)


In the margins: on the pleasures of reading and writing by Elena Ferrante (809 FER)

Under a Venice moon by Margaret Cameron (945.0932 CAM)

Waiting for Gonski: how Australia failed its schools by Tom Greenwell (379.94 GRE)

Immune: stay healthy and take good care of your immune system by Dr Servaas Binge (616.079 BIN)

The shortest history of the Soviet Union by Sheila Fitzpatrick (947.084 FIT)

Bob Hawke: demons and destiny by Troy Bramston (994.063 HAW.B)

Burning questions: essays and occasional pieces 2004-2021 by Margaret Atwood (818.54 ATW)

The big switch: Australia's electric future by Saul Griffith (363.73874 GRI)

Judith Wright: selected writings by Judith Wright (A 828.308 WRI)

America's second: how America's elites are making China stronger by Isaac Stone Fish (337.51073 FIS)

Atomic habits: tiny changes, remarkable results: an easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones by James Clear (155.24 CLE)

The future is fungi: how fungi can feed us, heal us, free us and save our world by Michael Lim (579.5 LIM)

My accidental career by Brenda Niall (920.72 NIA)

The idea of Australia: a search for the soul of the nation by Julianne Schultz (994 SCH)

The novel project: a step by step guide to your novel, memoir or biography by Graeme Simsion (808.02 SIM)

Deadly quiet city: stories from Wuhan COVID ground zero by Murong Xuecun (614.592414 XUE)

The ledger: accounting for failure in Afghanistan by David Kilcullen (958.1047 KIL)

Gough Whitlam: the definitive biography by Jenny Hocking (320.994 WHI.H)