New Titles for May 2022


Sea of tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel (F STJ)

Groundskeeping by Lee Cole (F COL)

The best 100 poems of Gwen Harwood by Gwen Harwood (A 821.3 HAR)

This all come back now: an anthology of First Nations speculative fiction by Mykaela Saunders (A 823.4 SAU)

Sunbathing by Isobel Beech ( F BEE)

The seamstress of Sardinia by Bianca Pitzorno (F PIT)

Wake by Shelley Burr (F BUR)

Daisy and Woolf by Michelle Cahill (F CAH)

Elena knows by Claudia Pineiro (F PIN)


The art and science of illuminated manuscripts: a handbook by Stella Panayotova (745.67 PAN)

The science of plants: inside their secret world (571.324 SCI)

International sports betting: integrity, deviance, governance and policy by Jean-Patrick Villeneuve (796 VIL)

Bedtime story by Chloe Hooper (155.937083 HOO)

Astronomy: sky country by Karlie Noon (520.89 NOO)

Bittersweet: how sorrow and longing make us whole by Susan Cain (152.4 CAI)

Indelible city: dispossession and defiance in Hong Kong by Louisa Lim (303.484095125 LIM)

A caring life: what fifty years in nursing has taught me about humanity, compassion and community by Keith Cox (610.696 COX)

Unknown: a refugee's story by Akuch Kuol Anyieth (325.2109624 ANY)

The matter of everything: twelve experiments that changed our world by Suzie Sheehy (530.0724 SHE)

How civil wars start and how to stop them by Barbara F. Walter (303.64 WAL)

The way of Nagomi: live more harmoniously the Japanese way by Ken Mogi (158.1 MOG)

Scrubbed: a heart surgeon's extraordinary memoir of life, death and everything in between by Dr Nikki Stamp (617.412 STA)

Freezing order: a true story of Russian money laundering, state-sponsored murder and surviving Vladamir Putin's wrath by Bill Browder (364.1680947 BRO)

A history of masculinity: from patriarchy to gender justice by Ivan Jablonka (305.3109 JAB)

His name is George Floyd by Robert Samuels (305.80092 FLO.S)

Portable magic: a history of books and their readers by Emma Smith (028.9 SMI)

Red witch: a biography of Katharine Susannah Pritchard by Nathan Hobby (A 823.3 PRI.H)

This woman's work: essays on music by Sinead Gleeson (780.82 GLE)