New titles for September 2021


Good as gold by Joseph Heller (F HEL)

Small joys of real life by Allee Richards (F RIC)

The secret keeper of Jaipur (F JAI)

The orchard murders by Robert Gott (F GOT)

Dark as last night by Tony Birch (F BIR)

The island of missing trees by Elif Sharaf (F SHA)

The liquid land by Raphaela Edelbauer ( F EDE)

The woman in the purple skirt by Natsuko Imamura (F IMA)

The Rome zoo by Pascal Janovjak (F JAN)

When things are alive they hum by Hannah Bent (F BEN)

The long game by Simon Rowell (F ROW)

The perfume thief: a novel by Timothy Schaffert (F SCH)

Once there were wolves by Charlotte McConaghy ( F MCC)


The essential Thich Nhat Hanh: Thich Nhat Hanh by Nhat Hanh Thich (294.3927 NHA)

Eyes of compassion: learning from Thich Nhat Hanh by Jim Forest (294.3927 THI.F)

Dark light of love by John Dunne (248.4 DUN)

Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw (822.912 SHA)

On the brink of everything: grace, gravity and getting old by Parker Palmer (155.6719 PAL)

Together: why social connection holds the key to better health, higher performance, and greater happiness Vivek Murphy (158.2 MUR)

Life after the pandemic Francis Pope (362.1962414 FRA)

Facing apocalypse: climate, democracy and other last chances by Catherine Keller (228.06 KEL)

Birth of a movement: Black lives matter and the Catholic Church Olga Segura (261.832808996073 SEG)

A week in September: a story of enduring love from the Burma railway by Peter Rees (940.547252 REE)

Elizabeth Macarthur: a life at the end of the world by Michelle Scott Tucker (994.402092 MAC.T)

Invention: a life by James Dyson (609.2 DYS)

A recipe for a kinder life by Annie Smithers (640.41 SMI)

World religions: the great faiths explored and explained by David Bowker (291.03 BOW) 

Better to have gone: love, death and the quest for Utopia in Auroville by Akash Kapur (954.8209 KAP)

Fox and I: an uncommon friendship by Catherine Raven (599.775 RAV)

Imaginative possession: learning to live in the antipodes by Belinda Probert (508.94 PRO)

A life in words: collected writings from Gallipoli to the Melbourne Cup by Les Carlyon (A 824.4 CAR)

An insider's plague year by Peter Doherty (579.256 DOH)

28: a memoir of football, addiction, art, masculinity and love by Brandon Jack (796.336092 JAC)

Notes on grief by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (155.937 ADI)

The education of young Donald trilogy by Donald Horne (A 828.309 HOR)

One love and tyranny: the life and politics of Hannah Arendt (320.5092 ARE.H)

The reckoning: our nation's trauma and finding a way to heal by Mary Trump (973.933 TRU)

Two afternoons in the Kabul Stadium: a history of Afghanistan through clothes, carpet and the camera by Tim Bonyhady (958.104 BON)

The chloroformist by Christine Ball (610.9 BAL)

Long half-life: the nuclear industry in Australia by Ian Lowe (338.476214 LOW)