New titles for September 2022


The Paris apartment by Lucy Foley (F FOL)

Memphis by Tara Stringfellow (F STR)

Transcendent kingdom by Yaa Gyasi (F GYA)

Miss Austen by Gill Hornby (F HOR)

White city by Kevin Power (F POW)

Book lovers by Emily Henry (F HEN)

One Italian summer by Rebecca Serle (F SER)

Perfect on paper by Sophie Gonzales (F GON)

The anomaly by Herve Le Tellier ( F LET)

The sojourn by Andrew Krivak (F KRI)

Topics of conversation by Miranda Popkey (F POP)

Consent by Annabel Lyon (F LYO)

The pachinko parlour by Elisa Shua Dusapin (F SHU)

Before your memory fades by Toshikazu Kawaguchi (F KAW)

The settlement by Jock Serong (F SER)

This devastating fever by Sophie Cunningham (F CUN)

The stranger by Kathryn Hore (F HOR)

The people immortal by Vasily Grossman (F GRO)

Cautionary tales for excitable girls by Anne Casey-Hardy (F CAS)

Between two worlds by SBS Emerging Writer's Festival (F SBS)

Haven by Emma Donoghue (F DON)

Here be leviathans by Chris Flynn (F FLY)

Marshmallow by Victoria Hannan (F HAN)

The marriage portrait by Maggie O'Farrell (F OFA)

1989 by Val McDermid (F MCD)

No country for girls by Emma Styles (F STY)

Wildflowers by Peggy Frew (F FRE)

The rabbit hutch by Tess Gunty (F GUN)

Lockdown by Chip Le Grand (F LEG)

Shrines of gaiety by Kate Atkinson (F ATK)

Non Fiction

Lost and found: a memoir by Katheryn Schulz (306.850973 SCH)

We need to talk about money by Otegha Uwagba (332.4 UWA)

Until proven safe: the history and future of quarantine by Geoff Manaugh (614.46 MAN)

The power of reconciliation by Justin Welby (201.7273 WEL)

On identity by Stan Grant (305 GRA)

On anger by Agnes Callard (152.47 CAL)

A history of the world in 25 cities by Tracey Turner (909 TUR)

Pilgrim Bell: poems by Kaveh Akbar (811.6 AKB)

Oh happy day: those times and these times by Carmen Callil (994.020922 CAL)

Internet for the people: the fight for our digital future by Ben Tarnoff (338.76102504 TAR)

Desi girl: on feminism, race, faith and belonging by Sarah Malik (070.4 MAL)

Farm: the making of a climate activist by Nicola Harvey (333.72 HAR)

Berlin: life and loss in the city that shaped the century by Sinclair McKay (943.155 MCK)

The wonder of little things by Vince Copley (305.89915 COP)

Cuba: an American history by Ada Ferrer (972.91 FER)

Daniel Andrews: the revealing biography of Australia's most powerful premier by Sumeyya Ilanbey (994.507092 AND.I)

Coping in good times and bad: developing fortitude by Erica Frydenberg (158.1 FRY)

Humanity's moment: a climate scientist's case for hope by Joelle Gergis (551.6 GER)

Chasing wrongs and rights: my experience defending human rights around the world by Elaine Pearson (342.94085 PEA)

A question of age: women, ageing and the forever self by Jacinta Parsons (155.67 PAR)

Dreaming the land: Aboriginal art from remote Australia by Marie Geissler (704.039915 GEI)

Fragile cargo: China's wartime race to save the treasures of the forbidden city by Adam Brookes (951.156 BRO)

Atoms and ashes: from Bikini Atoll to Fukushima by Serhii Plokhy (363.179909 PLO)