New titles at SNAC October 2020


Burnt sugar by Avni Doshi (F DOS)

Real life by Brandon Taylor (F TAY)

This mournable body by Tsitsi Dangarembga (F DAN)

The shadow king by Maaza Mengiste (F MEN)

The new wilderness by Diane Cook (F COO)

Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart (F STU)

State highway one by Sam Coley (F COL)

The animals in that country by Laura Jean McKay (F MCK)

Smart ovens for lonely people by Elizabeth Tan (F TAN)

What are you going through by Sigrid Nunez (F NUN)

Piranesi by Susanna Clarke (F CLA)

The burning island by Jock Serong ( F SER)

Lucky ticket by Joey Bui (F BUI)

Troubled blood by Robert Galbraith (F GAL)

The Tolstoy estate by Steven Conte (F CON)

The morbids : a novel by Ewa Ramsey (F RAM)

The loudness of unsaid things by Hilde Hinson (F HIN)


Microaggressions in everyday life by Derald Wing Sue (155.232 SUE)

The insider by Christopher Pyne (320.994 PYN)

Just money : misadventures in the great Australian debt trap by Royce Kurmelovs (332.02402 KUR)

A light in the dark : a history of movie directors by David Thomson (791.430232 THO)

Turning down the noise : the quiet power of silence in a busy world by Christine Jackman (158.1 JAC)

What can I do? : my path from climate despair to action by Jane Fonda (363.738747 FON)

How to win an election by Chris Wallace (324.60994 WAL)

The genes that make us : human stories from a revolution in medicine by Edwin Kirk (576.5 KIR)

The doctor who fooled the world : Andrew Wakefield's war on vaccines by Brian Deer (614.47 WAK.D)

Having and being had by Eula Biss (306.3 BIS)

The lonely century : coming together in a world that's pulling apart by Noreena Hertz (302.545 HER)

Burning the books : a history of knowledge under attack by Richard Ovenden (363.3109 OVE)

My year of living mindfully by Shannon Harvey (158.13 SHA)

Vida : a woman for our time by Jacqueline Kent (324.623 GOL.K)

This one wild and precious life : a hopeful path forward in a fractured world by Sarah Wilson (155.91 WIL)

When America stopped being great : a history of the present by Nick Bryant (973.933 BRY)