Dedicated spaces for study and practice are available for student use. The Centre is a welcoming space for students to relax with friends and play a puzzle or board game, browse the extensive fiction collection or borrow a DVD.

The Academic Centre contains tutorial rooms, music practice rooms, extensive study spaces, an IT lab, a student lounge area, two student kitchens and outdoor balcony areas with tables and chairs.


Ten tutorial rooms are located on Levels 2 and 4 and are in use three nights/week during semester as part of the Tutorial Program conducted by both Colleges.

Outside of these times, tutorial rooms are available 24 hours a day for student private study, group work and meetings. During Swot Vac, tutorial rooms may be booked for group study.

All rooms contain data projectors, whiteboards and wireless internet access.


There are four private, sound-resistant music practice rooms on Level 4 for student use. Three of the music rooms are equipped with pianos.

The music rooms offer students studying music a quiet, private space to work and practise. The rooms are accessible 24 hours a day.

Although these rooms may also be used for general private study, students studying music have priority.


Nestled amongst the bookshelves on Levels 2 and 3 are tables for silent study.

The tables are well lit for study purposes and offer comfortable seating for students.

Students can bring their own laptops and work alongside other students in a quiet, peaceful space at the Academic Centre.


The IT Lab is on Level 2. There are nine desktop computers for student use.

A multi-function printer/scanner is available for low cost black & white and colour printing (printing also available from laptops), copying and scanning. There are also document binding equipment and materials.


Student Kitchens are located on Levels 2 and 4. Tea, coffee, milk and sugar are provided. The kitchens are equipped with facilities to wash and dry dishes and it is expected that all students clean and put away what they use.

The Student Lounge is adjacent to the Student Kitchen on Level 2 and contains bean bags, a couch and board games for students to relax and unwind.

Kitchen & Lounge rules


The balcony extends around most of the Academic Centre building, and is a lovely spot to relax or study on a sunny day.

There are two entrances to the balcony area via the Student Lounge and on Level 2 near the IT Lab.

Picnic tables outside provide an enjoyable spot to sit and study, get some fresh air and socialise with other college residents.


The Jabiru Room is a large airy space suitable for a variety of uses, including group study.

The room has a screen and data projector and can seat up to 60. It may be booked by students and College staff for larger meetings and College play rehearsals.